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Jograj Singh calls a press conference to settle the mess between Yuvi and Kohli created by Anushka Sharma

20, May 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

In a recent IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Daredevils at the Chinnaswamy stadium which was interrupted by rains, Virat Kohli was seen enjoying some light moments with her alleged girlfriend Anushka Sharma. It seems she doesn’t give a damn about the Bombay Velvet debacle and was present to pamper her aggressive batsman cum boyfriend. She was well dressed in a white dress while Kohli looked cool and green in the RCB jersey.

The picture which recently went viral on the internet where Yuvraj is seen sarcastically staring at Anushka Sharma, Yuvraj’s father Jograj Singh called a press conference to clear things for his baby boy. Yuvraj was also present in the conference and was seen fighting with his obnoxious father on calling a useless conference. Jograj started the conference by saying that Kohli will be left with no girl in his life and will have to marry a gay. Also, he added that he had broken the game’s protocol by meeting his girlfriend during the rain-interrupted game.

That Moment!
Yuvraj Singh eying Anushka.

When asked to Yuvraj about what was he thinking while he was looking at his junior’s girlfriend in an extremely cute manner, he began his answer with an “Awwwww” and then grinned and said, “I was just remembering my time when I used to date Kim Sharma. It’s hard to be a momma’s boy! I had to let her go only because of my mom’s disapproval. I must admit this today. And my relation with Dhoni has gone sour only because of this man sitting beside me. Yes, Dad! You! He will never let me get into the national team until Dhoni is the captain”. He sighed! The conference ended abruptly when Jograj started throwing the Rail Neer water bottle kept on the table on his son Yuvraj. He ran away from the conference, but one of our reporters managed to ask him where he was headed to. He said he was going to Sreesanth to ask him how things in court are and what about his ban removal.

Our reporter Ranveer managed a telephonic interview with Virat Kohli about the same viral photo and asked him a few questions, following are the transcripts:

Ranveer: How do feel about the photo being viral?

Virat: Bc! This is not at all fair, Yuvraj shouldn’t have looked on my Bijili like this. He even messaged me that Anushka looks beautiful, take care of her, or else someone else will. But be prepared to become a butt of jokes on social media after the pic goes viral. How can he be so sure about that picture’s virility? I doubt he has some connections with Zuckerberg or so.

Ranveer: How does it feel to be with a Bollywood Diva?

Virat: (Smiles and feels shy) Ya! It feels good man! We have #nothingtohide, everything is clearly visible. Even our dandruff.

Ranveer: How do you feel about her past?

Virat: Past is a past bro, let’s not throw stones on them, I know you are trying to make me angry but today nothing’s gonna work bro and then the phone got disconnected.