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Ishant Sharma's group chat with his close friends from Indian Cricket Team

08, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After handing the test cap to Mohammad Shami, Ishant Sharma was feeling quite low in the Indian dressing room. Duncan Fletcher caught Ishant Sharma doing a group chat on his Macbook hair. After reading the chat Duncan couldn’t control himself and was seen rolling on the floor laughing. Some excerpts from the conversation are here:


Ishant : Hey Vinay, Namaskara. What is up ?

Vinay : Nothing much dude, currently in rehab after the Bangalore match. Hogging on to lot of masala dosa’s and rava idli’s these days. Should be back stronger for the Ind-WI ODI series. How are you doing ?

*Ishant Sharma is typing*

Vinay : Dude what happened ? kab se you are just typing ?

Ishant : Sorry brother, the hair are obstructing my view. Stronger ?? LOL…double maarega kya is baar. Anyways, you know what I just got trolled in the morning. Just when I was about to take the field, I was asked to hand over the test cap and spot to Shami. Feeling very depressed now

Vinay : Arre dil chhota na kar Ishu, Someone great said “We never appreciate something until it’s gone”. You will soon be back my friend.

Ishant : Thanks bro! You are one guy whom I can relate to especially after the last Ind Aus  match. I always knew you were a great find for India, but looks like you will break many records while you last. Can’t wait for the next match where we both bowl in tandem.

Vinay : Yeah me too!  And don’t worry, Sir Jadeja said our facebook pages “Sir Ishant Sharma” and “Sir Vinay kumar” are up and running. Our fortunes are gonna change for sure.

Ashish Diwansingh Nehra joins the conversation Ajit Balchand Agarkar joins the conversation

Ishant : Arre Nehra bhai, Ajit bhai… kaise ho.  Aap dono ki hi kami thi. 

Nehra : Nothing much dude, trying to make a comeback in the Ranji team. You know whichever team I go, I add teeth to their pace attack.

Ajit : I am currently on vacation post retirement. Spending some quality time at Powai Lake with family. Getting some pictures clicked with the ducks here.

Ishant : Arre Ajit bhai, itni mehnat karne ki kya zaroorat hai. Youtube pe poora 6 min 21 sec ka video hai aapka ducks ke saath. Forward karta hoon 

Vinay :  Ajit Sir I have always looked up to you. I want to be an all rounder and you are my role model. I met Rahul bhai yesterday and he has requested ICC to change D/L method to Agarkar- Lewis method.  Everyone  feels you are more duckworthy for the name.

Nehra : Aur Ishu, Don’t feel lonely. I think you should join us for our Ranji games. Viru, Gauti and I are already here. Roz sham ko mehfil jamti hai aur frustration nikaalte hai. Weekend pe rajdhani pakad ke Bhajji bhi aa jaata hai.

Ajit : Yeah I like Nehra’s suggestion. It is a good option to play Ranji trophy. Better to be domesticated by Indian players than foreign players.

Ishant : Thanks Vinay, Nehra bhai and Ajit bhai. Feeling really good now. I just have a feeling, 20 years down the line someone will make a documentary “Fire in Malegaon” on us. After all we have given so much to the Indian cricket. We have truly been the fearsome  pace quartet of our generation  just like Roberts, Garner, Holding and Marshall… just that our own team fears us more than the opposition.  Chalo gtg, Virat is back in the dressing room.