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Ishant Sharma will go to US to try his luck in baseball

08, Jan 2014 By harsh patel

Ishant sharma,the guy who got 5 last chances to prove himself has been forced to leave the country and go to USA to learn and be a part of the famous game of baseball.

After a 15 days discussion in the Lok Sabha about the future plans of Ishant Sharma, everybody agreed at last that he should try his luck in other sports. MS Dhoni and his boys celebrated when the news broke out. But the teams like Australia, England and especially Pakistan were seemed very upset by this news.Top delegation officer of Pakistan has shown interest to talk with our country on this matter.

While in India everybody were on the streets to celebrate this occasion,while some suggested that this historical day should be declared as public holiday.

Obama said some inspirational quotes in his press conference that ‘To allow  Ishant Sharma to come to our country to play our own game was a challenge to me and mind you,this was a bigger challenge than killing Osama Bin Laden, but I like challenges’.

When our reporter asked Ishant Sharma about how he feels on this decision then he said something which our reporter couldn’t understand. All we say in the end  is best of luck Ishy!