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Ishant Sharma to retire to be next India's Bowling Coach

25, Feb 2014 By srikantzs

In an unprecedented move and to the joy of millions of cricket fans across India, Ishant Sharma has been asked to retire from cricket by BCCI. Instead he was offered the role of bowling coach and asked to start immediately.

Announcing the decision, Srini said, “We are often criticized of our inaction relating to the team’s abroad performances, so we held a high level meeting and came with this brilliant idea , to answer the fans we asked Ishant to retire, but to keep Dhoni happy we made him the bowling coach killing two birds with one stone. These days coaches over complicate things and give lots of confusing tips to bowlers, we end that with Ishant as he has only one tip i.e ‘watch my videos’ and dont bowl like that and one video to show the Jaipur one against Australia. For the first in my tenure I am receiving smileys from cricket fans on my whatsapp for this decision. I am 100 % sure Ishant Sharma will excel in his role and teams bowling will improve in leaps and bounds. “

Ishant who seemed to be over joyed said ,” I no longer need to worry about fans abuses as Indian bowling coaches are hardly visible . I need not trim my hair and take orders from coach or captain. We can produce world class fast bowlers as I can coach until i am 60 by offering one simple tip. I am hopeful that there will be a coach day named after me very soon.”

Mean while Indian fans seem to celebrating more than they did for WC 2011 and ECB held talks with Dernbach to replace Saker.