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Ishant Sharma claims he was inspired by Aamir Khan

20, Dec 2013 By Venkat

Johannesburg. A fiery spell by Ishant Sharma, taking wickets of the top order of South Africa, was a big comeback for the lanky bowler after the recent string of poor performances against Australia and South Africa. While the performance by itself was alarming, his revelation on the inspiration was even more alarming and has raked up one controversy over the other.

dyslexic bowler
Dyslexic bowler

Ishant Sharma claimed that he was inspired by Aamir Khan and specifically by ‘Taare Zameen Par’. His inspiration was on the central character ‘Ishant Awasti’ the dyslexic child who overcame his disability under the able guidance of his teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh, a role played by Aamir Khan.

Ishant claimed he watched the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ multiple times in the build up to the first test and visualized a coach like ‘Nikumbh Sir’ who helped build his confidence and align his skills and energy to deliver the performance at the Wanderers. He also added that it was all credit to Aamir Khan for the turn around in his performance.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, Congress workers were signing petitions to institute an ‘Ekalavya Award’ by the central government to celebrate the achievement of Ishant Sharma. Currently the Ekalavya Award is awarded by the state government of Karnataka. Both the BJP and AAP were quick to rubbish this move of the Congress as a publicity stunt to try capture the votes of the small and almost insignificant vote bank of Ishant Sharma fans.

The BJP in an apparently unrelated exercise as per their spokesperson, began a campaign to nominate Aamir Khan for the Dronacharya award. In this case, the Congress were quick to respond and rubbish this as additional vote bank antics by the marketing mastermind of the BJP, Narendra Modi.

Of course amidst all the chaos and attempts to gain mileage was a happy Aamir Khan who had achieved his share of promotions and personal visibility ahead of the blockbuster release Dhoom 3. People across the country are eagerly waiting for the release of this movie as speculation is abuzz about Uday Chopra’s retirement from Bollywood after this movie.