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Ishant Sharma backs Yuvraj, says it happens with big players like him too

09, Apr 2014 By Ankur Shrimali

“Thanks bro”

After the media row over Yuvraj’s performance in the finals of the world cup T20 against Sri Lanka, many great Indian players have come together to support Yuvi’s batting.

Recently one more famous personality of Indian Cricket, Ishant Sharma also joined the league.

He himself has been under the axe for his “performances” and “knows how it feels”. However he was shocked to see people’s reaction on Twitter and Facebook.

“I never thought this could ever happen to Yuvi paji..he tried so hard but that wasn’t his day,” Ishant reiterated what many players have been keep saying to support Yuvi.

When asked about his own experiences in such situations Ishant said, “It starts with your mom and sis getting hiccups. Then your whole family is embarrassed and ashamed of you. Even the milkman who gives milk in your house starts avoiding you. But then this is part and parcel of the game. Big players like me never get bothered by such acts. We move on and keep repeating it again and again.”

When asked whether Ishant can give Yuvi some counsel as this is a new thing which Yuvi is experiencing, Ishant said, “Why not..!! after all I am always in the dressing room for the boys who perform bad. I try to set an example and raise the bar so low that they start feeling good about their performances. I can teach Yuvi few tricks of how to ignore everyone around who is criticizing you ¬†and keep focusing on what new you can achieve.”

Ishant also commented that although India failed to set a respectable target in the Finals, had he been in the bowling squad the team could have won well before 14 overs. The reporter had to reassure himself by asking which team Ishant was talking about.

Finally Ishant told his fans that he will be back with a bang in the upcoming IPL and will show Yuvraj on field “how it is done” (to absorb everyone’s criticism).