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IPL introduces under-arm bowling to help Mumbai Indians win more matches

04, May 2014 By samirkatte

While ICC is making legendary decisions like umpire decision review systems and day-night test matches, IPL committee announced that rest of the matches this season will have only underarm bowling.

Time to perform

The decision was taken by IPL Chairman Ranjib Biswal after he realized that the (so-called) defending champions Mumbai Indians have managed to win only one match in this season so far.

When asked about the decision, Biswal said, “There haven’t been any major changes in the format of IPL since the days of Lalit Modi i.e. when he started IPL and was the only popular Modi in the country. So we needed a change desperately.”

He added, “We always try to make IPL interesting by changing venues to other countries feigning some important national issues like elections or terrorism. This year we even made Mumbai Indians lose all their key players to other teams in the auctions, to have more balanced teams and a more competitive tournament. When all of this failed, we were forced to introduce underarm bowling.”

According to the new rules, any high arm over-the-head bowling action will be an illegal delivery. This has given undue advantage to the Mumbai Indians because Malinga can continue using his regular bowling action. Rumors are that the MI players pitched (no pun intended) this idea to the IPL committee after they noticed Harbhajan finally managing to turn the ball after trying an underarm bowling action.

MI coach John Wright was happy to hear this news and said, “Finally we will get a chance to win more matches this season. We were initially thinking of fixing the next few matches but we feared getting caught. We don’t even have influential players like Dhoni in the playing eleven, who would be easily acquitted even if they are guilty in match-fixing. Also no more illegal activity for now, Mrs. Ambani is already fed-up with FIRs and complaints from Kejriwal.”

There were mixed reactions from other players and commentators. “Finally I will be back in form!” said an overly optimistic KKR captain Gambhir who still dreams of making a comeback. In a controversial statement, Maxwell said,” No matter whether you bowl underarm or overarm to me, I will make sure that the cheer girls are exhausted by the end of the evening.”

Ravi Shastri supported this new rule by repeating his clichéd statements, “This is just what the doctor ordered. Even if the odd ball keeps low, every game will go down the wire. The tournament is still wide open and all three results are possible in the matches.”

IPL committee further plans to make the tournament as close to gully cricket as possible to generate at least some interest in the youth. Rumors are that the next changes are to introduce one-bounce catch-out or trial balls whenever a new bowler comes to bowl. To know whether this will be implemented or not, we need to just wait and watch.