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IPL 2017: The season of dropped catches

17, May 2017 By Rahul Patil

The Indian Premier League is 2 months of grueling T20 cricket played in the intense Indian heat. It is packed full of entertainment, from the showcase of Indian talent to glamour of international cricket stars. The players play to their extreme limits with the ball, the bat and in the field to excite the supporters and the lovers of the game. Every year there are few players or teams that take the tournament by storm and leave everyone in their awe. Be it in the very first year with the Rajasthan Royals, or Later teams like MI, KKR or players like ABD or Malinga.

They seem to have practiced for dropping catches
They seem to have practiced for dropping catches

The 10th edition of the IPL will be vividly remembered for RCB’s batting collapse and more importantly the plague of Dropping catches. Keeping the improvement in the fielding over the last decade in mind, it has been a shocker to see stats like 40 catches dropped in almost 19 Ipl matches. So this sudden drop in catching abilities certainly needed a thorough research and the findings are filled with reasons which fictional stories are made of.

The main reason for the dropped catches in Ipl 10, according to the fielders has been Syska LED’s. This season the stadium light in India have been replaced by Syska LEDs as they come with triple benefits  and they are so bright that the fielders fail to spot the ball. “Lighting during the drop catches is very crucial; things would have been different had the lights were not changed, our youngsters would have taken that catch of Uthappa,” this is what Zaheer said after the match against Kolkata. Meanwhile Mishra continues stare down Sanju Samson. (source : http://www.iplt20.com/video/99184/the-dropped-catch-comedy-)

Meanwhile Manoj Tiwary, Mohit Sharma, Jason Roy and many others went on to blame the drops on stadium lights, calling them too bright and blinding. Cricket associations are defending the new lights saying that they are a necessary change as they last longer and save power. Amidst this controversy, fans of losing teams have taken their ire out on Irrfan Khan by trooling him on social media. When we quizzed him, he gave a statement saying, “Kya aapne Syska bulbs ko istemaal kiya hai? To aap kaise kehe sakte ho ki ye jyada bright hai. Pehle aap inhe kharide, inka instemaal kare, apne ghar ke CFL ko replace kare, aur fir mujhse aake kahe ki Syska bright hai. Syska bilkul bhi bright nahi hai. Buy Syska at 40% Off.”

But some teams Like the Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils whose journey to the finals has been derailed due to these dropped catches are planning to sue Syska. Preity Zinta who wasn’t able to hug her players as they continue to lose matches is convinced that Syska is the sole reason for it. According to her, the Punjab players are hot amazing fielders and would never have dropped a single catch. She has even planned what to wear while going to court. As this Syska scam is about to get murkier, we promise to bring the latest news…

(This is a fictional article, the quotes or statements are Fake)