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IOC drops wrestling, India to focus on ghar-ghar, akkad-bakkad

13, Feb 2013 By Ishan Bhatkoti

NEW DELHI: Terming IOC’s decision to drop wrestling from 2020 Olympics as “bizarre”, Sports Authority of India has decide to focus on games like ghar-ghar, stapu, and akkad-bakkad.

“These are the games that our children play from their very childhood. It’s a part of them. We have now decided to focus on games like ghar-ghar, akkad-bakkad, stapu and others. Our children especially girls are pro in these games and by supporting ghar-ghar aka Kitchen Set and other games we will be promoting gender equality and this will also help in preserving Indian culture,” a top sports authority official said.

He also added, “Looking on the brighter side, wrestling was quite expensive and a sweaty game as compared to these which barely involve any cost. However, like it’s customary we will protest against the decision to drop wrestling. Moreover, hockey – that is so last week. We all know that cricket is our national sport, our religion. They bring us ad revenues and trophies while other sportsmen bring broken hands and other appendages. So, our focus will now be on these traditional games.”

RSS took this opportunity to take a dig at Congress and commented on the issue. An RSS official said in an interview, “Congress has always focussed on Western games like gambling, poker, and Italian favourite Mafia Wars and are still promoting the DLFville by Robert Vadra Inc. They royally chose to ignore “Bharatiya games like Jua, Teen-patti and kanche. This is a severe blow to Bharatiya Sanskrit.”

Sports minister of India, Jitendra Singh, was caught unaware of the IOC’s decision and only learned about it through news channels. He said that such a move will hurt TA and DA of senior coaches of various sports who claim for international tours during these events.