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Inspired by Rahul Dravid, a PhD student refuses to enter Chinnaswamy stadium till earns a place in the state team

27, Jan 2017 By sourajeet pradhani

Bangalore. A PhD student was offered free passes by his friend to see a cricket match at Chinnaswamy stadium, which he gladly refused. The PhD student was of the opinion that he would prefer ‘to earn it’ rather than enter through free passes. He claims that he always harbored the desire to play cricket for the country and that family pressure forced him to choose academics over cricket.

Thinking how to be eligible
Thinking how to be eligible

The student belongs to the state of Karnataka and played cricket with his siblings in their ancestral house backyard. His friends rate his prodigious talent very high too. His role model has always been Rahul ‘Wall’ Dravid. His technique earned him the tag of ‘gate’ among his peers. He always used to ‘open ‘the innings with the bat and ‘close’ the innings with ball (bowling in the death). Hence the nickname was bestowed on him by his paternal grandfather, who was a constant spectator.

Recently Dravid refused to accept an honorary Doctorate and would prefer to earn it through research. The student was totally floored by the magnanimous gesture of his hero and henceforth decided to pursue his passion of playing cricket.

The PhD student reminiscences his adolescent days where he was considered as the next big thing in his gully cricket days. Since he belonged to a middle class family, he had to succumb to the constant pressure put on him by his parents. He chose academics over sports, which is a common phenomenon in a country like India, where parents want to secure the future of their children.

Last week, the PhD student was seen working out in the gym to regain his fitness. He plans to spend six hours a day on the cricket field, to hone his cricketing skills. He is confident of making it to the state team and then would enter the Chinnaswamy stadium with grace and gusto.