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Inspired by MMS, Kohli says time for Arjun Tendulkar to take over, ready to work under his leadership

09, Sep 2013 By Baawra Chhora

New Delhi. How PM Manmohan Singh’s recent statement would be taken by Congress is yet to be seen but it has certainly brought turmoil in Indian cricket team. Kohli has been the batsman who has always been seen as the next Sachin in making  while the tatoo-castle batsman has called the Little Master Sachin his superhero on several occasions.

Arjun Tnedulkar
Arjun instructing players for field placements.

In the latest of his press conference though ,MCing BCing king did something totally unexpected and took a leaf out Manmohan Singh’s book , “Sir superhero has has long back retired (from ODI) and I have played my role as nightwatchman  .I think ArjunJi is the ideal choice for one down batsman now. I would be happy to leave my position anytime for Arjun Ji. I have always believed that ArjunJi is the idea person for Position no 3 in our team and the right choice for World Cup 2015. I would like to work under his guidance from now onward.”

“But Virat, Arjun is only 12 years of age now, how can you expect him to take the pressure of expectation of 1.2B people” asked one of the journalist to which Virat had a smiling reply to make “I have inspired myself from some of the most learned man and journalists like you of this country. As they have guided me, its all in the surname you see. If a 2 year kid with right surname can be projected as PM candidate of our country,I should not refrain from making 12 year kid the one down batsman. At least cricket is not in his shirts and his pants . ” Apparently someone spread Laughing gas in room after this comment and meeting was dismissed.

P.S.: The author loves his life (and cricket) very much and would like to plead to those who think their cricketer Gods have been defamed,  “my article has been put “out of context” and ‘mere vicharon ko tod marod ke pesh kiya gaya hai’”.