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Indian Squad for the Tokyo Olympics 2020

09, Aug 2016 By rofl gujju

Lyutens Delhi: After the disappointment from Shooting and Hockey teams, PM calls an emergency meeting to review their trainings as sports is part of soft power diplomacy. As per Faking news sources PM asks to prepare the detailed report related to the 2020 Tokyo games. As per our sources, sport ministry has prepared a tentative list of the Tokyo 2020 participant with aim to win at least 10 Gold medals. Here is the list that FN sources got:

Modi government planning more of 2020 Olympic than preparing for 2019 elections
Modi government focusing more for 2020 Olympic than preparing for 2019 elections

25m Shooting (male): Salman Than

Marathon Race male: Vijay kalya

110m Hurdle Race: Kalit Modi

Cycling: Bakhilesh Yadav

Boxing: Subramayam

Wrestling: Aarnab Swamy

Swimming: Prashant Tarun

Disk Throw: Narendra

Hockey: Kabir khan team

Sobha Day’s name has been proposed as a Goodwill Ambassador of Indian Olympics team.