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Indian Olympic stars start "Hot Bucket Challenge" to create awareness about other sports in India

22, Aug 2014 By krantikari_yeda

In the lines of ALS Ice bucket challenge which has gone viral throughout the world with many big names taking it to create awareness about Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis, Indian Olympic medal winners and participants have started UOS (Unknown Olympic Sports) Hot Bucket challenge to create awareness about the games they play.

Well it is unsure who started this campaign but sources close to Faking News said that it was some irked cricket fans who were furious over the loss of series at England. When Faking News contacted one of the cricket fans who does not want to be named as he fears that his house might be pelted with stones said, “Yes it was our group called Fukrey Launde who started this campaign to protest over the loss in cricket which is our national game, but it took a different turn when Olympic stars changed the concept to create awareness about other sports where India is representing and we are very proud that due to our efforts, people of this country and including us will get to know what are the other sports that India is playing apart from cricket.”

When we asked Fukrey Launde why they started Hot Bucket campaign when the world has gone gaga over the Ice Bucket concept they proudly replied “We wanted to start Ice Bucket campaign itself but their was no electricity to freeze the water and then we thought 700 litres of water is free so, first lets just pour water from overhead tank without ice and upload it and later when the electricity comes back we can freeze the water and pour again. But, it went viral before we shot the next video and this is how Hot Bucket challenge kicked off. And the name Hot Bucket was due to human error where we unknowingly named our video as Hot Video of Bucket Challenge instead of Hot Video of Ice Bucket Challenge”.

Meanwhile when Faking News contacted an olympic player who does not want to be named he responded “Yes I have taken up this challenge not only to create awareness about the sports but also to know our names and achievements in the game and I know this challenge will be rapped up in few days as their are less number of olympic players than cricketers in this country.”

In the recent development, BCCI and Duncan Fletcher have also taken up Hot Bucket challenge to create awareness about playing proper cricket among Indian cricket players.