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Indian Meteorological Dept predicts rain on 200th Test, office ransacked by angry mob

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Hyderabad. A mob of angry Sachin fans (or Sachinites, as they claim themselves) ransacked the Indian Meteorological Department’s office at Hyderabad early morning on Monday when a statement was made by the Head of the Meteorological Department, Naveen Srinivasan saying, “There might be few spells of rain on the first day of Sachin’s 200th Test”.

Angry Mob

 The mob led by the ‘tricolor guy’ pelted stones and broke furniture at the office. Later, the police had to be called in to control the mob. Half of them went away when they realized that the ‘tricolor guy’ hadn’t showered since a week to preserve his body paint.

According to our sources, the furore of the mob grew when they mistook the Head Naveen Srinivasan to the BCCI President and match-fixing-cum-nepotism enthusiast N. Sreenivasan.

The mob claims that they wouldn’t allow even God to interfere in Sachin’s last match. When Darren Sammy, the West Indian captain was asked to comment about the incident, he said, “We ourselves are trying to figure out why we’ve been called to India to play this series.” Quoting the famous Mohan Bhargav from Swades, an emotional Sammy said,”Its like Apni chaukhat ka diya … giving light to neighbor’s house.”