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Indian fans ask for refund of ticket money after semi-final loss, SCG authorities refuse saying #Won’tGiveItBack

28, Mar 2015 By RT

Sydney. After the heart breaking semi-final loss to Australia, Indian fans in the stadium approached SCG authorities for a refund of ticket money. SCG personnel laughed at them first and promptly said #Won’tGiveItBack and laughed out louder after that.

“We Indians grow up believing the TV advertisements, all our childhood, adolescent and adulthood. We really believed that we will not give back the world cup after the entire #Won’tGiveItBack saga. Now that it is very clear, come Sunday, irrespective of what we say, they are going to #TakeItBack. The least we can ask for is refund of ticket money”, a visibly dejected fan of mid-forties told a news reporter after match.

It has come back to haunt India again
It has come back to haunt India again

To his horror, the SCG personnel used the same tag that he had believed for the past month or so. To rub more salt in the wound, the remark by SCG was hurting him more than the semi-final loss itself. ‘We say, we #Won’tGiveItBack, mate! You cannot say that anymore! Can you?’, the fan was told even as he was awkwardly holding the ticket with anticipation not unlike batsmen tentatively holding the bat in anticipation in the Indian innings.

“While in India, I had quit my college to join IIN, washed my dad’s car though I pay his postpaid bills month after month, always closed my door while brushing my teeth with nothing other than pure salt and repeated #Won’tGiveItBack throughout the #CWC15 without worrying much about the silliness of it all. That’s what we do – follow ads. That’s what makes an Indian who he/she is – livelihood decided and operated by the TV advertisements”, the cricket fan went on to elaborate his basic instinct to believe that, come 29th March, India #Won’tGiveItBack.

“Less did I know that the whole world was laughing at us! Some banks in Swiss started using the tagline for their benefit and now the SCG is slapping us with the same mantra we had chanted madly for the past month”, the cricket fan visibly went into tears not exactly for the Indian team’s semi-final loss but frankly because he had also lost the ticket money to watch the humiliation of the much loved TV hymn #Won’tGiveItBack.