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Indian fan suffering heart attack after Australia's match dies after victory over Pakistan

01, Oct 2012 By drprabhash

This shocking event occurred last night in the posh area of Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi. After he passed away, we tried to contact his parents but they were not available to comment, we were able to get the details of the incident from Tinku, a teen residing in the neighbourhood.

Alok, the deceased, was a die hard fan of Indian cricket team and he was very much excited after the thumping win over England. His expectation from the guys was at peak when the shameful exhibition by Dhoni and co. shattered his dream of invincible Team India.

Tinku who is very good in narrating stories recalled the event exactly- he and Alok watched the Indo-Aussie match together. Alok refused to eat dinner that night after poor performance of India team and he even poured down his Pepsi which he purchased on advise of Ranbir. Alok was very tense when he told Tinku to leave the house.

On the same night around 1:00 am Alok had an heart attack, for which he was admitted into the AIIMS. He recovered well there and soon he was discharged from the hospital. His religious parents took him directly to the “Nirmal Baba”. Baba gave him a rotten apple to eat just before the India-Pak match and advised him not to expect much from team India and should try to focus on things which can give him the real pleasure (like strokeplay, bowling efforts etc. irrespective of the team) not on the results of the match.

Alok was very impressed with the Baba’s Supreme Gyaan. He has finally decided on the day of the Clash of the Titans that he will now look forward to the match and will try to enjoy Rameez Raza’s commentary not on India’s performance.

He ate the apple and started watching match calmly. As the match progressed his Love started heating up again and by the end of 10 overs of Indian batting his love boiled up anticipating a 9 wicket win, Tinku told the reporters his excitement was clearly evident by his continuous drinking of pepsi and peeing into the Bushes. Everybody in the house was happy to see their son came back to routine life very soon.

On the third ball of 11th over when Sehwag hit the ball in the air Alok was Drinking pepsi, the ball was travelling in the air and the Alok was sucking very hard in anticipation and when the fielder caught the ball on the boundary Alok took a sudden gasp in exclaimation and fell on the ground. He was taken to the hospital and later died in the hospital.

He couldn’t even see Yuvraj hitting winning run for India. Doctors have confirmed the cause of death in their autopsy report “death occurred due to aspiration of pepsi into the lungs leading to cardio-respiratory arrest”. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has sent his condolence to the affected family and announced a nationwide holiday on 2nd October in remembrance of the Great Indian Fan.