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Indian cricket team thanked election results for obscuring their defeat

09, Dec 2013 By Insane BABA

Durban: As the political parties, BJP and AAP are expressing their gratitude to the people for choosing them and making them win the elections, Indian cricket team has also thanked election results and specially Aaam Aaadmi Party, for drawing people’s and media attention from their consecutive defeat by Proteas in the 2nd ODI which was played on Sunday.

Yes, Indian Cricket team has faced another thrashing defeat in South Africa due to which they have lost the series as well, but team India doesn’t seem perturbed a bit because they think that on Sunday it was a big day in India, as elections results were out. So, the people were busy in watching the election results and the media was busy in reporting and interviewing some underdogs from AAP.

After the match when team India gathered in their dressing room everybody seems happy and enjoying the moment, they were heard cracking jokes,  as all of their movements and talks gets recorded through a spy camera of Faking news installed into the room.

Dhoni first asked Kohli “Abey, Delhi kaun jeeta bey, kitna mila congress ko?”, and Kohli replied “MC, BC it’s a hung, mai to jaldi out ho kar isiliye aaya thaa ki results live dekhunga, aur congress ko to utni seats bhi nahi mili jitni TSOTSOBE ko wicket miley 

Then Raina said “Congress ko to election results bounce lag rahey hongey hehe,” on hearing this from the best bouncer player ever born, Yuvraj said “Teri behn di, saaley tu bouncer ki baat mat hi kia kar!,”

And then Raina gave vagrant look to Dhoni and Dhoni quickly took Yuvraj on this, he says “Jayada mat bol agla no. tera hi hai, waisey bhi Bhajji yaad kar raha hai tujhey,”

At last Dhoni addressed every one by saying “We all should be thankful to the election results as now have an “alibi”, the elections result will help us this time in dodging the bullet and for the test matches I have a plan, I am going to link Steyn and Morkel with the Apartheid Party,” and Dhoni left the room leaving the team bewildered and pondering on the word “Apartheid”.