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Indian cricket team congratulated on the result of first ODI, celebrations on

27, Aug 2014 By MRP

In what came as a respite for the Indian cricket team that has forgotten when was the last time it won a match, the first ODI with England was washed out yesterday. Using the sound logic that not losing is better than losing, and not losing is like winning, the Indian team took a day off to celebrate the “victory”.

First ODI washed out.

As if waiting for this exact thing, media, celebrities and common men in India have congratulated the team for their achievement. It has been considered such a big achievement that none other than the Prime Minister has conveyed congratulations to the team. “We had been waiting for such a moment in history. Finally you have given good news to the country. The whole country is rejoicing with you. Keep it up,” read the message.

When contacted over phone, the on-site coach cum team manager very enthusiastic. “We are delighted at the result. The last few weeks have been tough. What with all the criticism we had to face, both from people here and people from India. We were accused of everything…..poor performance, losing matches, taking wives and girlfriends along and what not. But we were sure things would turn around for us, and it has.” Asked how the team is feeling, he continued, “The boys are on the top of the world. They have been partying all day. They are likely to come back to the field on the morning of the next match. But you can go and talk to them.”

On approaching the team, the captain came forth and said, “Our efforts have paid off. We have already managed one match. From the weather outlook we find that the next match too is going to be washed out. Thus we almost have the second match too in our pocket. We have come here in the right season and we only wish that rain god does the rest”.

At the time of this reporting, the weather at the venue of the second ODI was indeed overcast and yet again a fantastic result can expected.