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Indian bowlers revived my dying career: Afridi

07, Mar 2014 By rednahc
Our special correspondent interviewed game changer of the Asia Cup Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi also known as Boom Boom Afridi. (It may be noted that the answers below have been modified to follow the basic English grammar)

“Thank you Indian bowlers”

How do you feel after two consecutive match winning performances ?

After the match against India, it took me some time to convince myself that it was my batting that won the match for Pakistan. Like most of the people I had started believing that I was a bowler. But after the match against Bangladesh, I felt that I had regained my batting form and it would be selfish not to acknowledge the Indian bowlers.

Except the match against Bangladesh, Pakistan has not successfully chased a target of 250 plus runs since 2009. What are your comments about this ?

See this is very clear. Our batting is weak and most of our batsmen are out of form and this is because we have played very few matches against India since 2009. I believe that if we start facing the Indian bowlers regularly we will successfully chase targets above 360. Forget about 250. Indian bowlers achieve the daunting task of changing the poor form of a batsman with ease. They have revived my dying career.
How can you say that facing Indian bowling improves the batting of any batsman? This might be true only in your case.The reason behind India’s strong batting order is their bowling. What is the reason behind the fact that Indian batsmen are the only ones to score 200s in ODIs. This is because they get to play Indian bowlers in the net regularly. People say that Kohli is talented but I do not think he is more talented than me. Yes I agree that he performs more regularly again because of the fact you know.

You have been playing cricket around for 18 years. What are the things that you would like to say to a young cricketer ?

Well, I do not know about young cricketer but I would like to share something with the old ones. I have learned the lesson of my life that if any batsmen wants to end his batting career on a high, then you should play your last series against India.

So what are your plans for the next series.

The next series is T20 World Cup. And we are playing against India early in the tournament and we are confident that the form gained by our batsmen lasts the entire tournament.