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India wins the battle against England

18, Aug 2014 By ritesh

It was a masterstroke by India to have done so well in the last two test matches against England. India was finally successful in not allowing second batting opportunity to English batters to leave them unprepared.

Doing so once could have been termed as “luck” but India repeated the act consecutively, thereby making strong statement about their determination and showing their “class”. They had a plan and all through the game they perfectly followed it.

England team was left bewildered for the reason that they go into the one day series with so much lesser match practice. Alistair Cook quickly came forward to take up the responsibility and applauded India for perfecting the plan. He admitted that with lesser match practice, it would be a big challenge to go into the one day internationals. He also blasted at the other batters like Joe Root to have stayed so long at the pitch and contributing to this loss of opportunity. He was particularly critical of James Anderson and Stuart Broad for not balling in the right areas. He also pointed out that its not only the batting practice that has been severely impacted but also the fielding practice. He complemented the India team to have disarmed the England fielders of good fielding practice. India has ensured that the only fielding practice that England could get was at the slips, which would be hardly of any use during the One Dayers.

The India Captain Cool was his usual self. He applauded the team for playing the game with a long term horizon and helping India improve the chances in the One Dayers. He informed that such a nice performance is an outcome of the “strategic structural change” initiative taken up by the BCCI. He continued to tell that the idea is simple, you have to invest in the Test Series to get good long bowling experience to the bowlers while not allowing anything similar to the opponents. You will do better in the One dayers which will help in the long term goal of retaining the world cup. Dhoni also took a dig at the critics saying that those who are criticizing us are myopic and can’t see the long term vision. Man of the Series Virat Kohli was very happy to get the award. He said that all the efforts during the last six months or so finally paid. He disclosed how consciously he has resisted the temptation to pick up a bat and go for practice, amidst huge cheer from a bollywood diva.

BCCI, while applauding the strategic performance, declared an additional bonus of Rs. 1 crore to all the players.

Mr. MS Yadav, while applauding the success, alleged that the team didn’t had a Muslim representative which is a huge concern and indirectly hinted at the hand of the BJP.

Mr. R Gandhi also applauded the team and invited Gautam Gambhir to join the Sports wing of the Congress Party.

Mr. AK49 said that Cricket should be only played at Jantar Mantar for which he declared to start a signature campaign in Delhi.