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India Vs Zimbabwe - 5th ODI - Indian fielders dozing on field due to boredom

03, Aug 2013 By laks

Zimbabwe scored 163 runs. That is mainly because all the Indian fielders were dozing off due to boredom surrounding the series.

The umpires had tough time and were constantly urging the fielders not to sleep. The umpires even did a bit of belly dancing to keep the fielders entertained.

Sometimes the batsmen even ran up-to 10 runs between the wickets as Indian fielders kept searching for the ball. When they could not find it, they used clues from TV replay to find it. It was a sort of treasure hunt game instead of a cricket match. But even then Zimbabwe could manage only 163.

Virat Kohli
Kohli getting up after deep sleep to check the score

Dhoni has said from elsewhere that this why he takes every match to the last ball. He felt that India should have kept this series alive till this last match.

Zimbabwe player when interviewed by Ravi Shastri said, “We hope Indian batsmen fall asleep like they did while fielding. Our challenge is to bowl on the stumps. But you never know. All three results are possible.” Ravi Shastri was silent and angry as he was prevented from saying his favorite words.

Chandu Borde, esteemed ex-cricketer and administrator offered his name for the future India-Zimbabwe series with a twist at the end to make it appropriate for such series as Chandu Bored Series.

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