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India-Sri Lanka series to be renamed 'Cashes Series'

06, Dec 2013 By wackyankit

After the surge in the number of India-Sri Lanka cricket series, ICC has decided to rename these matches as the ‘Cashes Series’.

An official statement by the cricket governing council was released which approved this name. BCCI had been putting pressure on the ICC for a long time only to find out that 90% of the officials were actually a part of BCCI too.

BCCI spokesperson explained the organization’s stand on the topic, “We have been holding at least 3-4 India-Sri Lanka series every year and Shri Shri Srinivasan Ji thought that they should be re branded as something original and transparent, like the IPL.”

He further went on to clarify, “Seeing that the Ashes series are a remembrance of the Ashes sent to the Australian cricket team, we wanted a name that symbolizes the depth of these series. So we came up with the name, Cashes, because of the donations made by Sri Lanka in our organization.”

Ravi Shastri was also present among the board that took the decision. He believed that the decision might have gone down to the wire but the blessings of Shri Sharad Pawar saved the day.