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India made it to the FIFA world cup, but had to let it go

13, Jun 2014 By debarishidhar

The Indian national football team had made it to the Football World Cup being held in Brazil but has been forced not to go. This is the second time India has qualified yet cannot be part of the football extravaganza.

Sources tell us that unlike the last time it was not because of shortage of funds, but because of Suresh Kalmadi that India is not going to the world cup.

Kalmadi corrupt
“I beg of you. Please take me in team”

Apparently Suresh Kalmadi wanted to be part of the team and wear the Indian jersey for once in his life, but this request was denied by the authorities forcing Kalmadi to book all flight tickets to Brazil so that the Indian team cant fly. In a surprising turn of events he even managed to buy all the football shoes from retail stores so that the Indian team does not have shoes and ends up getting banned from the tournament.

According to insider reports, negotiations are still going on between the authorities and Kalmadi to reach a deal. The AIFF had proposed that Kalmadi can wear the Indian jersey but has to remain a substitute throughout the tournament. But this was instantly dismissed by Kalmadi saying that he wants to play in the final at least.

Then there was a counter offer from the AIFF that Kalmadi be made a goalie, but this was also refused by him saying he wants to beat Ronaldo(senior)’s record number of goals in the tournament. How he plans to achieve this is well beyond our understanding. Tensions are at a peak right now with everyone holding their breath for whatever is about to unfold.

Sources within the AIFF have been informing us all day that a specialist negotiator has been called in, and that he is trying to convince Kalmadi that the world cup infrastructure has been prepared by the same company who built the collapsed bridge during the commonwealth games in Delhi. Now, whether this manages to scare off the former head of the Indian Olympic association is something which only time will answer.