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India holds quality of Asian hockey

21, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What India still does better than Pakistan is its field stick game? The latest improvement was seen in our players’ magnificent control over the fast rolling ball on the AstroTurf in the neighbouring nation. We outclassed arch-rivals by a big margin and that sends the message of a dominance of Indian hockey at the Asian Cup. Thrashing by four goals in the match against the traditional opponent Pakistan is excellent. Although this second defeat has blocked Pak’s entry into the final round yet our stick players’ morale is still higher. We are maintaining our topmost position in the sub-continental hockey as we earned applauses in different matches.

Though India, Pakistan and Bangladesh play the same kind of hockey, the excellence factor rests with our strong team. So there is nothing odd in praising the skilful players marching ahead by defeating Japan, Bangladesh and obviously Pakistan. Jo Jeetey Wahi Sikander fits well on our marvellous players. India had defeated Japan by 5-1 in their opening match followed by routing the hosts by 7-0 in their second encounter of the tournament. The second round of the fight with Pak remained quite easier in the second half of the game for our players.

The players showed their stick magic with speed and perfection. The Pak players looked totally prostrated before our fast moves. In the previous days, the hockey players used to play on the natural grass field. What astonished me during the school days was seeing a hockey player running with the ball single-handedly from one corner to opponent’s area on the partly grassy ground. His move was so perfect as no player was able to contest the white ball from him. He must have been a gifted player. His action was worth viewing during the matches organised at a College ground in Mirzapur city.