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In a parallel world if BCCI is allowed to rule the world

25, Feb 2014 By Anup Apasangi

In a parallel world if the BCCI is allowed to rule the world, how the world would be. Here are the possibilities:

N Srinivasan
“It’s not a joke”

1. Talent word in the dictionary to be replaced by Rohit Sharma.

2. All the business school will have case studies of Rohit and Ishant on “How to hold on to your jobs even after disastrous performance”.

3. Cricket will be made as the religion country.

4. Ashok Dinda will be expelled from cricket and will be made to represent India in high jump and Zaheer Khan will be his coach.

5. BCCI would pass a law, where everyone would stop cooking Maggie as soon as Rohit comes to the crease.

6. Munaf Patel will be made as the fitness coach of Pakistan team.

7. Everybody should carry a towel, whenever they comes to stadium for watching the match.

8. Suresh Rania’s cousin will be made as the media manager.

9. Whistle Podu will be the national anthem of all country.

10. BCCI should be paid money even if a kid plays gully cricket.

11. The new born kids will be named after Sir.Ravindra Jadeja.

12. Everyone should buy India cements bag whenever they come to watch match in a stadium.

13. Kenya, Zimbabwe will be invited to India at least 3 times in a year to play match against India.

14. If a kid fails in the exam it will be locked in the room and made to watch Ishant Sharma’s bowling for 10 hours.

15. Dhoni would be made as the captain of hockey , football and even womens cricket team too.