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ICC to consider one bounce catch out rule for Ishant Sharma

30, Oct 2013 By Sameer Bhangale

Mumbai: According to the sources, after a consistent follow up with BCCI by the renowned group IFC (Ishant Sharma Fan Club), BCCI finally decided to take up the matter with ICC. From last 3 months, the club has been asking BCCI to pursue with ICC for introducing the common cricket rule followed in thousands of small alleys in India.

Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma

The proposal is to introduce One Bounce Catch Out when Ishant Sharma will be bowling. Initially, BCCI did not take it quite seriously until the Mohali ODI on 19th Oct. Now after some negotiations between BCCI and IFC, BCCI has decided to pursue this rule with ICC for ODIs. The modification BCCI proposed was to declare the batsman out only if the fielder can catch the ball with one hand after one bounce. IFC has agreed with the modifications made by BCCI.

After the unexpected debacle in the Mohali match, all Indian fans are looking forward to getting this rule institutionalized even though a lot of criticism from other countries is expected. Analysts are confident of BCCI will be able to convince ICC to add this rule into ODI rules.