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ICC finds that Sri Lanka is responsible for lesser number of countries in cricket than in football

28, Mar 2014 By prafull

Chittagong: After watching the brutal assault of Netherland’s team by Sri lankan team, ICC president Alan Issac told the press that he have found the reason why lesser number of countries are playing cricket as compared to football.

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He said,” It was not the first time when Sri lankan cricket team is committing this type of crime. They have done it several times in the past by bowling out Zimbabwe on 35 and 38 and Canada on 36 in OdIs. In fact they had not spared a well established cricket team like India and bowled them out on 54 in Sharjah in 2000.”

On asking whether he is going to take action against Sri Lankan bowlers, he stated that it is not the crime of bowlers only, Sri lankan batsmen also had demoralized new teams by making a mammoth score of 443 in an ODI match against Netherlands in 2006 and 260 runs in a T20 match against Kenya in 2007. He said in great grief,”Many people around the world are still criticizing a 20 over game, and they made it 5 over game. We must do something about this.”

Meanwhile, being a well-wisher of  world cricket, BCCI had made an offer to ICC for sending Malinga, Mathews and Kulashekra to India for a special training  program so that they can be turned in Vinay Kumar, Ashoke Dinda and Ishant Sharma.

Showing its farsightedness, BCCI  also proposed to include Dale Steyn and Mitchell Johnson in training program because they are also susceptible to commit such type of crimes.

BCCI told the ICC that a bowler like Malinga is not only dangerous for new teams, he is  also dangerous to new emerging talents in India. Of course all of us have seen dancing of broken stumps of our new batting talents by so called slow yorkers of  Malinga in IPL.

In fact BCCI wanted to remove Malinga from the IPL but it couldn’t because he was playing for Mumbai Indians (Ambani) and everybody knows that Ambani is running India (thanks to ‘Kejri sir’ to let this fact spread among ‘aam aadmi’).

Some people even think that it was the reason why BCCI had once said that team India is not playing for India but for BCCI. Perhaps it wanted to get rid of Ambani and Malinga.

While the cricket experts all over the world are busy in rescue operation of Netherlands Cricket, some ‘common men’ in India are blaming the nexus between Ambani and Malinga for this ‘shameful crime’ in Cricket. They believe that Ambani have bribed Netherlands Cricket team to play in favor of Malinga and his friend bowlers.