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ICC bans Munaf Patel from fielding

11, Sep 2014 By Rajesh Turlapati

In a huge relief to Baroda Cricket board, fast bowler Munaf Patel has been banned from fielding in all forms of cricket by the ICC after his fielding was proved to be hilarious in all field placements. ICC however allowed a substitute fielder while Munaf is not bowling.

Munaf gets ban from fielding
Munaf gets ban from fielding

The decision to ban him was taken after an ICC accredited team of bio-mechanics and super-comics experts tested his action at the National Cricket Centre in Brisbane. Munaf can apply to the ICC for a re-assessment at any time after he makes his fielding less funnier (which experts believe is very unlikely).

“An independent analysis done by super-comics (a leading production company famous for its comic sitcoms on TV) has found the fielding of Munaf extremely hilarious and, as such, the player has been suspended from fielding in all forms of cricket with immediate effect and he is offered to do a show with them,” the ICC said in a Press meet conducted in NCC auditorium.

The auditorium was filled with laughter when the ICC spokesperson said, “This is all done as part of promoting Cricket as a serious game.”

The announcement has come as shock to his fans in Ahmedabad who claim that the only reason they watch cricket is to see Munaf’s fielding. ¬†“Raju Srivastav, Kapil Sharma, Rahul Gandhi and Munaf Patel are the legends of Indian comedy. I love their shows. This news is a great disappointment,” said a fan from Ahmedabad.

Munaf, however, was hopeful that his medical condition – the indolence syndrome (commonly known as laziness) – would work in his favour when the appeal is made to the ICC’s review group next week.