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ICC awards 2014 announced

11, Feb 2014 By Gareeb MBA

ICC Cricket Awards for year 2013 were announced yesterday where Indians unsurprisingly swept it owing to strong performance overseas. Here are the winners, some of them are legends in making:

Indian Cricket Team
Talented boys

Test Cricketer of the Year (In ODIs): Rohit Sharma won it for the very first time but in ODIs as it was so difficult to unsettle him from his crease when he bats, very well proved by his strike rate of 40% and helped his team a “steady” run rate of 2.5 in first 20 overs.

ODI Player of the Year: Shikhar Dhawan as he was really proved to be a “ONE DAY” Player whose debut innings have been the only performance so far, that too in Test Matches.

Performance of the Year: Ishant Sharma’s 30 run over vs Aus in Mohali has won best performance by far. This game changing spell showed that India has never been devoid of “Game Changers”.

Emerging Player of the Year: Suresh Raina, this was a big surprise of the evening as Suresh Raina made debut 9 years ago and many argued why is he being rewarded. The jury explained that he had showed great signs of reaching his true potential like Ishant and Rohit which he never showed in previous 9 years, and a strong contender for next year’s Player of Year if continues to improve.

Coach of the Year: Unknown, India’s Cricket Coach, it was difficult to spot the winner as nobody knows his name. But as a great man once said, “One is not known by his name but by his work.” Well said as we saw great work being done by him as India slips below Bangladesh in rankings.

Captain of the Year: MS Dhoni, he tried his best not to win this one but such is presence of great talent in his team he could not prevent getting this dubious award.

Flop of the Year: Virat Kohli , he was guilty of not following team orders and scoring hundreds in every possible match becoming an odd man out. “He does not represent all of us”, once said a top order batsman who do not wished to be named dissatisfied by Virat’s performance.

Comeback of the year: Parvez Rasool as he came back from Zimbabwe tour with a record without even playing a single match, really a great comeback to domestic cricket with such a proud record! 

Best Cricketer – Associate and Affiliate Award: Some Irish Chap!, but who cares, next season it will be an Indian as our consistent performances will soon make us an Associate & Affiliate team.

Fair Play/Spirit of Cricket Award: Ravichandran Ashwin, who has not spinned the ball at home matches against Overseas batsmen and giving them a “fair” chance on spin friendly tracks.  

T20 Player of Year: Sir, since HIS most of the scores are in 20s in all the 3 formats, besides Sir’s lucky no. is 20. Enough Said!!

Umpire of the Year: Nigel Llong, a new Steve Bucknor in making, won award for making several technically wrong but morally right decisions to dismiss the likes of Rohit Sharma and Sachin, a decision lauded by frustrated Indian fans.

 Team of the year: Indian Team, no objections as most of the winners are from this team barring few non performers like Virat Kohli, whose place was taken up by Murli Vijay in the XI. Gautam Gambhir was named 12th man.