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HR manager ready to give extra bonus to those who will come office tomorrow

14, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Chennai. HR manager always known for harsh policies especially in Software industries. But to motivate the employees they have announced extra bonus to those employees who will work tomorrow.

Sachin asking people to beahve normally.
Sachin asking people to beahve normally.

“Yes, we’ve announced extra bonus for the employees. Its kind of motivation for them,” HR manager said.

In response to why bonus for tomorrow and why not for other days, HR manager said, “As you know India is playing against West Indies. Sachin is playing 200th Test (Final Test) and he is going to bat tomorrow one & final time. I am sure employees will not come to office as they want to watch him final time.”

Sachin batting brilliantly and he is on 38 not out at the close of first day of his Final test. People are expecting century from him in his farewell test match.

“Some companies have declared holiday for tomorrow. But our company is giving bonus tomorrow. Isn’t it bizarre policy? I want holiday and no bonus. I want to watch him final time. If they will not give holiday I ‘ll put down my paper,” a software engineer fumed.

“Even if employee would able to come to office for a half day he is eligible for the bonus. I know Project managers are also not willing to come to office tomorrow. Work from home will consider as holiday. We are very strict with this new policy which is valid for tomorrow only,” HR manager told to FN reporter.

Some employees are replying by sending Sachin Tendulkar’s today’s score through email on the top of HR’s email. Some are even sending Sachin’s inning video links of Sharjah Cup’98 in the hope that HR declares holiday tomorrw.