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Hockey players on Comedy Show

08, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The hockey goalkeeper remained a topic of derision at the Kapil Sharma Comedy Show on its fresh episode. Does he not deserve the same significance as the field players hold? He is in no way insignificant by his puffed up outfit. The heavy attire with protective gears worn by the goalkeeper is just for his safety as this last player struggles hard to thrust aside the white ball. He looks more like medieval days’ soldier.

The host of the show connects his body garb with the astronauts who more or less sport similar costly especially designed suit protecting them fully on the moon or space. The hockey goalkeeper not only protects himself in that particular safety wear but he cares for the team’s prestige as a whole. His responsibility appears more in the whole length of the match. When the match remains undecided in the normal given time, the goalkeeper’s liability becomes a little more surplus than all the ground players.

The Hockey players present at the show looked quite simple and unlike stylish cricket or football players, they maintained their country countenance. They looked home-grown simple team members. As we heard from one prominent player how they had changed their game perception from individual performance to collective presentation on the Astroturf. This change was effected in the past three or four years. This was certainly a good sign for the team spirit. Their appearance on the show has brought a good deal of exposure to the national game.

They play a classical hockey but their eminence does not spread in a higher up-to-the-minute style of the gentleman’s game. This game is not widely publicised, greatly enjoyed and highly remunerated as was habitually emphasised. What was obstructing the popularity of the stick game despite a few solid endeavours to increase its acceptance among the spectators? The way of shaping the thing may not be utterly working and in that imperfection rests value of hockey and its destiny.