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06, Dec 2013 By rumblingvoice

Mumbai: Multinationals and Leading Indian Brands call for a quick emergency meeting to discuss the current abysmal display of the Indian Cricket Team in South Africa. A group of freshly passed out IIMs taken with 2-4 crore packages have come up a situational incentive program.

Nohit Sharma as he is famously known across Indian cricket heartthrobs leads the list of players to be included in the incentive based program as disclosed by Moneydeep Singa, an IIM passed out working for a well-known MNC. The new incentive program includes pay structure for each ball played (Not left alone) in the on-going South Africa series. The news of the incentive program reached late after the game and Nohit Sharma in particular bit his tongue after receiving the update on the program.

Piccheshwar Rao, MD of a well-known giant conglomerate in India expressed confidence that this program was the last motive that was also applauded by the BCCI to make Nohit Sharma and Co. to at least make contact with the balls bowled by the SA bowlers. It is the coming few weeks of cricket only that can decide how much contact would be made by the Indian batsmen given the incentive structure.

Leading news channels started debating on what exactly could be the reason behind Nohit Sharma having played most of the balls bowled in the recent ODI. Earnab Goshamy and Ragdeep Sirdard have blocked the primetime slot to discuss on this demanding the entire nation is looking for an answer and any answer provided will be debated again. It was reported by an Indian reporter in SA that Nohit Sharma and Co. seem to be disappointed with the pitch and have ordered a probe that the pitch looks like an actual international cricket pitch and was not suitable to the conditions of the Indian batsmen.

Meanwhile 2 bookies were found and traced by the Mumbai police wherein heavy betting was taking place on whether the next ball would be played and left by Nohit Sharma or not. A businessman who was found to be a diehard fan of Nohit Sharma was reported to have lost millions in span of couple of hours.

As the nation and the MNCs await and hope that the incentive program to kick off some sort of contact with ball by the Indian batsmen. BCCI president on the other hand was found talking to the Indian team over the phone the no more overseas tours (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England and West Indies) would be scheduled for the next couple of years that can demoralize the team the way they’re going through now.