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Hindu Mahasabha claims credit for Guptill's double century

21, Mar 2015 By vinnividivici

According to a leaked MoM (minutes of the meeting) from a Hindu Mahasbha meeting, senior officials attribute Guptill’s recent double century to Virat Hindu roots, as confirmed from an anonymous member through over a whatsapp chat.

Stating that Guptill draws his power from his Virat Hindu lineage rather than skill, perseverance and application, officials attributed his resolute double hundred to his Virat Hindu roots and that only Virat Hindus have that unique skill & god-gift, hari om, to reach double figures.

During the course of the meeting, a yuva member stated that the world would need proof as even a wikipedia entry needs citation somewhere to corroborate statement. Hence the world baniya association was patched in to confirm that the he is actually a Guptaji in disguise.

The WBA affirmed that Martin actually changed his name to escape racial profiling after Jeetan Patel couldnt cut it in the NZ team. This was further approved from the Duniya Gujju Sangh who cited Kal Penn’s example of making it big after his change from Kalpen to the uber cool sounding Kal Penn.

On pointing out that Chris gayle recently did a 200, officials nonchalantly dismissed the thought of discussing his lineage as Krishna kumar gayle is 100% desi. His love for gold, inconsistency and onsite assignments (IPL) means he doesn’t even need citations for a wikipedia edit.

Officials also tendered renaming Virat hindu as Rohit hindu for strictly cricketing purposes as Virat is yet to reach there. Somewhere anushka doesn’t find this funny. So would you.