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Hardik's fans annoy with a tweet

07, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If a cricketer is not involved with any film actress, his popularity is taken as not enough. That does why it seems most of the famous players somehow get connected with tinsel town performers. This definitely benefits both the persons and their media coverage does not easily dwindle soon. When we learnt of Hardik Pandya’s fans suggesting him to focus more on play than Parineeti Chopra.

What could be more incoherent than the particular cricketer fans’ assertion about his sociability for the famed Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra? They have even gone to the extent of saying if the cricketer would not pay attention to his cricketing ability he would be found riding bicycle. Even if the 23-year-old battling all-rounder has been making all the right moves, a recent tweet to the actress has brought fuddy-duddy fans’ to turn up badly on the cricketer.

One fan categorically wrote on Twitter: “Bhai, focus on your game otherwise you’ll lose everything so far gained by you.” This player has made his debut in the Test debut against Sri Lanka in recently ended series. Fans seem to be not seeing that the film artiste has been made ‘Friend of Australia’ in order to promote Australian tourism. She may be the first Indian woman who has been selected for this purpose though Sanjiv Kapoor, chef and Harsha Bhogle, cricket commentator have been earlier earned this kind of honour.     

In her fresh changed role from the film acting, she will now remain busy in promoting Australia as a better holiday destination for the countrymen. She is supposed to tour Australia’s northern regions and Queensland to know that foreign land in a more affirmative way. Hardik’s empathy with her might be owing to the likely actuality of touring that beautiful nation along with the impressive actress.