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Government bans Rohit Sharma and Sir Ravindra Jadeja jokes

24, Jan 2013 By musafir

In wake of recent good performances by Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma, the Sports Ministry has imposed a ban on jokes cracked on them. The government, however, stated that Jadeja would be allowed to retain the title of “Sir” (which was allegedly given to him sarcastically) and his fans would be allowed to address him as Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

This ban has come as a shock to the entire nation, which was still in no mood to drop the jokes despite match-winning performances by both cricketers.

“Just cant get enough of them,” said Raunak, an ardent Rohit Sharma jokes fan. The people are in no mood to accept the ban and are out in the streets protesting the ban. Raunak senses foul play.

Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja
Men In Blue – the new saviors

“No way a couple of performances were a reasonable parameter to impose a ban on the jokes. The government has succumbed to pressure from the BCCI, but I think the BCCI had more to offer than just peer pressure,” Raunak alleged.

Experts however feel that it won’t be easy to impose the ban as people are so used to Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Rohit Sharma jokes, especially the latter. Rohit Sharma maggi jokes had caught the imagination and laughter of the entire nation.

In fact, “Rohit” had become a part of the lingo as an adjective for the word “mediocre”. There was also a hue and cry over including “Rohit” as a word in the Oxford dictionary meaning “talented mediocre”. The Oxford officials however refuted saying that this would denigrate the word “mediocre” itself, as the earlier performances were far below mediocre level and that it didn’t wish to hurt the sentiments of  mediocre people out there.

Raghu, a shopkeeper who has nicknamed his son Nohit after he failed thrice in the 9th standard, says, “This ban is unacceptable. After a long time people had someone whom they could associate with failure. The new generation does not really connect with Nayan Mongia and Sanjay Manjarekar, and therefore it is quintessential to let the people keep the Rohit and Jadeja jokes afloat.”

Sheelu, a social activist went to the extent of linking this ban to an attack on democracy and the infringement of the freedom of speech and expression.

Another indignant Santosh Krishnan, an IT manager said any underperformer in his team was given the title of “Sir”, which was an embarrasement for the employee, and it spurred him, as well as others, to do well.

This ban however has come as a breather for Sir Naveen Raghavan, who was conferred this title for the record 5th time and still continues to hold it in light of his poor performance within his team. Ravi an employee with a major MNC recalls how he leveraged the Rohit Sharma jokes to impress his boss and get a promotion.

Seeing the anger and reaction of the people, Times Now has called for an extended session of The Newshour and most believe it’s upto the responsible shoulders of Arnab Goswami to force the government to withdraw the ban. Arnab Goswami, who himself has been a fan of the jokes, was overheard saying that he would leave no stone unturned to stop the ban on the jokes.

The Sports Ministry, however, is quite sanguine that it would see the Arnab Goswami hurdle through. But all of us who know Arnab doing unto others know its not gonna be as easy as they think it is. Experts however doubt that these sanctions would have any bearing on the public and are already relating its ineffectiveness to the ban on smoking at public places.