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Gangs of Wasseypur watching Gangs of India vs. Australia

26, Mar 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

Ranchi. The infamous arch rivals Sardar Khan and Ramadhir Singh have mutually decided to call off their fierce fight in the state of Jharkhand to watch the Gangs of Cricket World Cup 2015 which will be telecast live in all the theatres of Jharkhand. Nagma Khatoon, the first wife of Sardaar Khan was very happy with the decision of his sweet husband who agreed to take her to watch the battle between the world’s top cricket gang, India and Australia.

Our reporter Nasir who also happens to be the cousin of Sardar Khan tried reaching the better half of Ramadhir Singh but she was busy protecting her “Vidhayak” beta who was found doing “Jumping Japang” and was caught red handed bribing umpires to give decisions in favor of Australia. Sardar Khan also wanted Durga his second wife to come along with him but Nagma was in no mood to let her enter the theatre. Sardar Khan was bound to purchase her a star sports subscription to watch the match live in her Gionee smartphone.

On the other hand, Faizal Khan took care of Sultan Qureshi who was seen selling tickets in black outside the theatre. Faizal also managed to talk to the captains of both the gangs of cricket world cup 2015, MSD which sounds heavier than LSD just said one line in his authentic style which was “BETA KA (Pakistan) DOST KA (Sri Lanka) PADOSI KA (BANGLADESH) SAB KA BADLA LEGA REY TERA MSD” to which Faizal replied in a sarcastic filmy dialogue “Looking Confident, Haan”. Virat Kohli the vice-captain from the Indian Gang was offended on this dialogue but rather than doing MC BC he just shook his head in frustration. I assume he is still not aware about the removal of SEC66A from the Indian constitution.

Micheal Clarke the captain of the Australian gang also said it in style but their weak Punjabi language was quite visible and it is advisable to them to talk in the language they are comfortable. Clarke intended to say “CHAK DE FATTE” instead he said “FUCK de CHHATE” Faizal was unable to talk to them properly as he got distracted by a cheerleader who was standing just outside the ticket counter begging the ticket checker to let her in to show off her new dancing moves and earn some money. Later we came to know that she was Mohsina Faizal’s love interest and he had an eye on her since long.

Summing up, It will be very interesting to see two gangs from Wasseypur(Jharkhand) supporting the Gangs of Cricket world cup 2015 tomorrow in the theatres near them. There are high chances of brawl during the play who might lead to fatal climax of both the wars, the one screen and the in the theatre war.

We wish Sardaar Khan and Ramadhir Singh a very happy cricketing experience and lots of  luck to MSD and MC for the game.