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Gan Sung Lee of South Korea awarded Gold Medal even after being Knocked Out in finals of Men Heavyweight Boxing

04, Oct 2014 By lazyindian

Incheon, South Korea. After the controversial decision where South Korean Jina Park was announced a winner against Indian Sarita Devi while the later has clearly performed better, the officials of South Korean Boxing Federation again came under serious scrutiny when they announced Gan Sung Lee of South Korea as a winner in a final match vs. Vijender Singh of India while the former got knocked out by a heavy punch landed by the Indian which broke Gan’s nose in pieces.

The uniqueness about this punch is that half the world didn’t know that South Korean actually have noses as it is usually never visible.

On being asked about this unparalleled decision, 1st Referee  Mr. Don Giv Pshit declined to comment saying and we quote “I don’t give a sh*&@”, he might have been trying to say his name but he walked right away after saying this.

2nd Referee, Mr. Wee Pee was pretty vocal and condemned the Indian Boxer to have hit the Korean so hard. He also added that humanity is above everything else and he loved the fact how the Korean boxer was trying to get up even after being punched out of his wits while the arrogant India was dancing his way back. He said that though he had already made up his mind to award the fight to Gand Sung Lee before the fight begun and the blatant display of non-sportsmanship by Vijender just made him reaffirm his decision.

3rd Referee, requested being anonymous and told us that he sympathize with the Indian but empathize with the Korean. He said that everything is fair in love & war and that he love Mr. Gan Sung Lee.

Senior members of Indian Olympic Association who were present at the time of bout have decided to protest heavily using twitter.

While Mr. Singh and whole of India feels cheated, Mr. Gan Sung Lee when asked for his comments barely opened his broken jaw, smiled and whispered “Oppa Gangnam Style!”