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Gambhir interviewed by FN after he was dropped

13, Feb 2013 By chandru

Dropping Gautam Gambhir left all cricketing statistical analysts aghast, here are some reactions:

“Gambhir has been the best player for us on all amavasyas and on all second Thursday afternoons when batting against bowlers with speed ranging from 110.5 to 111.33333 inches/hour,” said Santhanagoplan a retired charted accountant.

“And his average on the matches where he crossed 50 is above 50,” quipped Kumar, a computer professional. He demonstrated us the claim by selecting the respective columns in Microsoft Spread sheet.

“He as the best strike rate, when it is calculated as the ratio of the volume of the ball to the area of contact with the bat, with those edges you see the denominator is very small,” said an IIMA intern.

“It is time for us to ask those tough 10 marks questions with diagrams,” wrote Harsha in Cricinfo. Amidst all this we caught up with the man himself.

FN: Gauti. How are feel after being dropped? Gauti: Hey, you… How do you know that, I thought no one would have noticed little Sanju dropping me yesterday in the tennis ball match we played in our apartments.

FN: No Gauti, like dropped against AUS? Gauti: Thats creepy. Its ok if you predict the past, now you are saying that I will be dropped in the AUS series. Are you guys from the future?

FN: No, we just wanted to know your feeling about getting dropped. Gauti: Anyway, it is not new for me. I always get dropped at 5 or 16 in any of the gritty innings that I have played. I think it is like a pit stop.

FN: We thought drinks break was the pit stop! Gauti: No no that is when I really get to open. One has to be sharp otherwise the bottle cap can really hurt.

FN: But, you don’t regret the that fact about the upcoming AUS series? Gauti: No, no when you get dropped, it frustrates the opponent. Hey can you also tell me which fielders are going to drop me?

FN: Gauti, I think you have not heard us correctly, you have been actually left out of the team actually. Gauti: What the….. (Gauti fainted and dropped on the floor after he understood what dropped really meant in this case)