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Formula 1 Update: Vettel to skip qualifying for US Grand Prix

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Vettel has told Faking News that he has decided to skip the qualifying session of the US Grand Prix to ensure a ‘race’. Vettel is in fact skipping even the free practice sessions and would be landing in Texas directly on the race day.

“I was getting bored the entire season and it looked like I was going on morning walks in the previous races”, said Vettel when asked to describe his season. The most difficult part of the F1 season so far was lifting the heavy champagne bottle after the race, he said. He is also said to have rated getting up early, waiting for a delayed flight and finding his toothbrush more difficult than winning a F1 race.

Hamilton, however, said that it was only a marketing gimmick and that if Vettel was serious, he would have given at least a 3 lap advantage to the field. Even team mate Webber reiterated that just starting from the back of the grid or the pit lane is not enough.

There are also talks that Vettel is keen to finish the trophy lifting and interview as soon as he finishes his drive. Vettel, it is told, has been upset that he has had for wait for long periods in the waiting room after finishing his drive alone, without any entertainment.

Bernie, meanwhile in order to pacify Vettel, has decided to telecast the ongoing F1 race live in the waiting room so that Vettel could follow the race.