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FN Walk and Talk with Sunil Gavaskar

01, Aug 2016 By rofl gujju

Jamaica. Yesterday in the first session, Pujara made his first run on the last minute of the 1st hour- This moment impressed Sunil Gavaskar so much that he decided to start his second innings in cricket.

Just one run of Pujara set a biggest record in the history of the cricket that a cricketer decided to withdraw form retirement after more than 25 years. Mr. Gavaskar gave exclusive interview to FN in Jamaica, West Indies.

Pagal Patrakar (PP): First of all sir, Congratulations and all the best. Sunil Gavaskr (SG): Thanks

PP: What is the reason behind this decision sir? SG: Look  I retired because Srikant was my opening partner and It sometimes became reason for my misery as In what balls he made 50 runs, I could make only 1.

PP: Ok. Then sir why only now you changed your mind? SG: I decided this back in 2000, when I watched Sadagopalan Ramesh batting but soon Virendra Sehwagh replaced him. It killed my desire.

PP: Sir, it seems that you talked with Afridi or Yunus Khan in last week, did you? SG: No no. I am not just 21 year old!

PP: What chances do you see for your place in team? SG: 100%. Look KL Rahul and Pujara are making headlines. That means my chance is 100%.