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FIFA introduces new rules; matches to start from extra time

02, Jul 2014 By nilim

After the huge popularity of the current football world cup in India, FIFA has realized that there is a large untapped market for football in this country.

Accordingly, FIFA has decided to enter into a partnership with BCCI, the organizers of the most popular sports cum entertainment tournament in India which is the IPL.

War zone

After a high level meeting of delegates from both the organizations, FIFA chairman Sir Nee Vassan told Faking News, “Considering that Indians prefer shorter versions of any game and also that most of the football matches are decided in extra time, we have decided to do away with the first 90 minutes altogether and start the game from extra time onwards. However, to make the audience feel that the game is indeed being played in extra time, we will have all the players run on a treadmill for the entire 90 minutes before the game. Additionally, each team has to convincingly demonstrate at least three fake dives before they are allowed to take the field. Yellow cards will be distributed by lottery.”

Sources have told us that based on suggestions from BCCI, FIFA is considering two major changes to the game. The first five minutes of the game will be called “Power Play” and neither team will be allowed to have a goal keeper during this time. Also, goal posts will be extended to cover the entire width of the football field. Not only will this result in more goals, but also get rid of the time wasted in taking corners.

Meanwhile, football fans across India are highly excited by the new rules. “Finally, I can be a regular follower of the game. With the new rules, we expect to see a lot many boundaries. I mean goals”, said a newly converted football fan.