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Faulkner sympathyses with his bowlers, says it happens to everyone

04, Nov 2013 By ak29

7th ODI, Bangalore: After Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni blasted 101 runs in the last 5 overs which ultimately led to India’s victory, James Faulkner again won the hearts of all Indians and Australians after he expressed his sympathy for his bowlers and himself.

It happens to everyone, it was yet another bad day for us . We were going fine till the 40th over but then all our bowlers became Ishant Sharma and there were just too many and soon the contest turned out to be Sharma vs Sharma’s. I express my sympathies”, tweeted  Faulkner.

He also expressed his disappointment of not finding  more than one Vinay kumar in Indian team and felt that another Vinay kumar would have ensured their victory.

Doherthy,Mckay,Maxwell who could not find the opportunity to speak at  the presentaion ceremonies ,replied to his tweet and thanked him for his kindness and said that Faulkner was a true cricket fan and Australia would feel proud of him. Even Ishant Sharma who did not play in this match replied to his tweet with a smiley :’) .

When asked about why did he reply to his tweet, Ishant Sharma said “you simply cannot keep a Sharma out of the match. Moreover i could not thank him earlier and i felt bad about it. This post came at the right time and now i feel good after all he was the first person who did not want my hairs to be short”.