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Fan slips back into coma after hearing the news of Sachin’s retirement

20, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Sachin asking the fan to take care

Mumbai: Mangesh, a 29 year old ardent fan of Sachin who has spent all of his conscious life on planet earth in reverence of the little master was so crestfallen when he heard the news of Sachin’s retirement that he lost consciousness again (after he woke up from a 3 year long coma).

Three years back, while playing a game of 10-over gully cricket, Mangesh was trying to imitate Sachin’s trademark on-the-rise punch through the covers shot but was unfortunately hit on the head as the bowler (Jignesh) bowled a bouncer. According to Jignesh “He (Mangesh) was always a pathetic batsman, but one special thing about him was that he never stopped trying to play like Sachin….err…I mean try to act like him while he played” Jignesh further added “that day I was at my best, and had taken all 9 wickets in a 3 over super spell. Mangesh came in as the 11th player and my eyes gleamed as my lifelong dream to bag all 10 wickets could now finally be realized. I bowled a bouncer hoping that Mangesh would attempt to play the upper-cut and would be caught at third man, but to everybody’s shock he attempted a really stupid shot and got hit on the head.”

After the incident, Mangesh was rushed to the emergency room where he was diagnosed to have fallen into coma due to swelling and compression on the injured side of the brain.

Now that Mangesh has again fallen into coma, the doctors at Lilavati Hospital are trying their best to revive him. “We are doing everything possible to bring him back, but it almost seems like he has given up on living and wants to stay in coma” stated a doctor heading Mangesh’s case.

Mangesh’s family is also very worried. His brother told Faking news that “Mangu has always been like this, never letting me settle down in life….he being the older brother needs to get married before me but he has a weird habit of falling into coma and hence delaying my prospects of getting married to my girlfriend”.

Mangesh’s teary eyed mother told us “Mangesh ke toh Bhagwaan (read: Sachin) ne hi retirement leli, abb toh mein bas itni prathnaa karti hun ki wo jald se jald theek hoke ghar aa jaye

Maharashtra’s CM Prithviraj Chavan visited Mangesh in the hospital and has announced that all of the medical expenses for Mangesh’s treatment would be borne by the Maharashtra govt. In a statement made by him, he said “The Gandhi family has always supported young people like Mangesh and would keep doing so. I am sure the people of Maharashtra would be proud of INC on this day”

Another senior leader of the INC, Raj Babbar later in the day said “Jab humari sarkaar 12 rupaye mein bhar paet khana khilwa sakti hai toh ussi sarkaar ka param kartavaya banta hai ki junta ka khyaal rakhe aur samay aane par unki sahayata bhi kare. I am proud to be associate with a political party that has such philanthropic motives”

Amidst all the banter – we at Faking pray for Mangesh’s speedy recovery, and also for Scarlett Johansson to never age!!