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Family kills man woken up from coma, for being clueless about Sachin Tendulkar

04, Jul 2014 By swaroski

Mumbai. In a bizarre incident in Mumbai, a man named Sachin Tendulkar, sharing his name with the famous cricketer, was killed by his own family for not recognizing his namesake.

Sachin Tendulkar, 50 years old, had been in coma for the last 32 years. He woke up last night, only to find himself surrounded by people, in a city hospital. In a clear abandon to hospital rules for silence, the assembled people started shouting “Sachin”, “Sachin”, followed by incessant clapping. The patient was so overwhelmed by the commotion that he fell asleep again but was woken up soon after with more loud cheering.

Sachin Tendulkar
Must know him if you are an Indian

The patient had undergone a severe accident some 32 years ago which led to his critical condition. The doctors had given up hope when the patient went into a prolonged coma but he was kept alive by financial intervention from family members, relatives, friends and Sachin Tendulkar’s cricket fans. “As soon as the news of his recovery reached us, we immediately gathered into the hospital ward”, informed a visitor.

The hospital made arrangements for the patient’s quick discharge from the hospital. But, the loud noise led to confusion and chaos. The patient was also flummoxed when people started shouting Sachin’s name. The patient had recovered from a trauma and did not know what lied ahead when he made the fatal mistake of admitting that he was totally clueless about Sachin Tendulkar. All hell broke loose when his family lost their temper and hit the patient with a cricket bat leading him to a certain death this time.

The doctors have not learnt whether the patient was amnesic or whether the patient was indeed clueless about the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. Many fans have expressed deep anger and shock when the news spread-that an Indian man in his 50s did not know about Sachin Tendulkar.