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Exclusive: Sachin's personal diary stolen, a poem leaked

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. Reliable sources have informed that Sachin Tendulkar’s personal diary has been stolen from his hotel room. A poem from his diary has been leaked, allegedly by the thief, on the internet. Sachin seemed upset after losing his diary which was evident from his innings in the first test. Digvijay has blamed RSS and said it raises questions over law and order issues in West Bengal.

The said poem, penned by the master blaster himself has an uncanny resemblance with that used in a Yash Chopra movie. The production house has been unable to respond. The poem is a follows…

तेरी short of the length balls  की मस्तियाँ,

तेरी slower balls  की बेपरवाह गुस्ताखियाँ,
तेरी off stump पे लहराती delivaries,
नही भूलूंगा मैं..

जब तक है जान, जब तक है जान.

तेरा हाथों में grip छुपाना,

तेरा spin करके ball का रुख़ मोड़ना,
तेरा फिर पलट के मुझे घूरना,
नही माफ़ करूँगा मैं,

जब तक है जान, जब तक है जान.

सारे fielders को ball के पीछे नचाने से,

बात बात पर तेरे sledging करने से,
छोटे छोटे तेरे cute appeals से,
मोहब्बत करूँगा मैं,

जब तक है जान, जब तक है जान.

Leg पर आने वाली balls को on-drive से,

हर ball को cover drive, straight drive, upper cut से,
Hook, paddle sweep, pull, on flick से,
मारता रहूँगा मैं,
जब तक है जान, जब तक है जान.