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Exclusive details of The Great Indian F1 Grand Prix

21, Oct 2012 By lokarlofollow

Noida: 28th October, raceday for 2nd Airtel Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit. Fans are pretty excited, specially Airtel users who are looking forward to be Mercedes’ pit crew for Michael Schumacher and Nico Roseberg’s pit crew through the company offer. We recently interviewed one of the Airtel users who is looking forward to be the part of Mercedes pit crew.

FN correspondent: “What would be the first thing you’d do after being the part of Mercedes pit crew?”

Airtel user: “I will check-in via facebook and foursquare  for Buddh International Circuit.”

FN correspondent: “No, I mean for the pit crew.”

Airtel user: “Ohh! Well, I will first ask Schumi and Nico, “Kitna Deti hai?” then ask for a round of their car.”

FN correspondent: “I doubt they’ll allow you to drive their car.”

Airtel user: “What nonsense, I’ll make them feel guilty by continuously playing ‘Jo tera hain woh mera hain‘ song on a loop in background”

Vijay Mallya’s Force India-Mercedes currently 7th in rankings, will be facing few reported problems. On 20th October DGCA cancelled Kingfisher Airlines’ flying licence, now the the pit crew will fly to India from other airlines causing extra cash flow for the F1 team. Kingfisher has reported to taken over auto-rickshaw business and is expected to transport their drivers, crew and kit from the airport to Buddh International Circuit via auto-rickshaw and each one will be charged according to sharing meter price.

Narain Karthikeyan, who would be driving for HRT-Cosworth, has a benefit for the Indian Grand Prix.  35 year-old driver has years of driving experience and not to forget that of driving on Indian roads filled with potholes and traffic jams. Of all other 24 drivers Narain can easily swoosh past all the potholes in the circuit and people walking on the race track. But the problem would be following traffic lights at pit lane, which would be a challenge for any Indian to follow. Narain recently told us “It would be a challenge monitoring traffic lights, flags and sign boards on race track as one can not do that while driving in India.” But on the bright side race stewards would have Indian amongst them so Narain can get away by bribing Rs 100/- to each one them.

Due to rising fuel prices in India, Airtel Indian Grand Prix will be reduced to 40 laps from 60 with starting grid to be decided by playing qualifying laps on Playstation.