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Even girls felt ignored in Eden Garden as cameramen were busy focusing on Sachin

10, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Several girls felt ignored at Eden Garden where India and West Indies just finished the baby test match. They were seen unhappy and tearing their tickets while coming out from Eden Garden.

An upset girl sitting outside stadium after the match.
An upset girl sitting outside stadium after the match.

They felt disappointed because they were not given any footage by any cameraman. Even Siddhu, who was doing deadly commentary in the match felt that it was weird that cameramen were not showing any visuals of female fans and he could not use several of his idioms.

Usually the cameramen find pretty faces and attention seeking people from spectators and show them on screen. However, this time all cameramen at Eden Garden were asked by BCCI and CAB to focus only on Sachin for each and every moment. They were asked to safely ignore anything except Sachin.

A girl on the condition of anonymity said, “I came here with Virat marry me written over my T-shirt but still no one noticed it. I am not at all happy. I bunked my college to come here and now I realize that Sachin is still hot.”

“I am not at all interested in this stupid game of cricket. I have fights at home with my husband for TV remote when cricket match is going on. But I was allured by my friends who told me that if I do something colorful on my face, I would be shown on screen, but here it seems the world revolves around Sachin”, said another girl.

Many girls were upset that the test got over in two and a half days as they were planning to go over the weekend for last two days. A girl blamed umpires for the match getting over in such a short duration. She said, “Though I am not aware about the rules of cricket, but still I feel the umpiring was very bad. Else how can so many wickets fall in a single day?”

A genuine Sachin fan, Priyanka went to the extent of blaming Dhoni and Mohammed Shami for the neglect she felt and said, “How can Dhoni do not select Ishant Sharma in team? If Ishant would have been in team instead of Shammi, India could have never taken 20 wickets of West Indies and this way the game would have gone for full five days and we could have got some attention from cameramen.”

The art of ignoring is generally considered as the domain of girls but this time it seems they themselves got a dose of it and no one would have thought that Sachin could be the reason behind it. Siddhu perfectly summed it up when he told us, “Sachin vo yodha hai jo apna hunar time aane pe dikhata hai