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Eraser shortage in country as entire stock used to produce clean chits by BCCI

30, Jul 2013 By laks

Mumbai: There has been a sudden shortage of rubber shortage across the country. The school kids have lodged complaint in Mumbai that they could not find a single 4 cm by 2 cm rubber piece to enable them to correct their mistakes. This is causing them huge anguish as it has been 58 days since they are having this problem.

This coincidentally is the exact number of days since the two judges were appointed for investigating the wrong doings of IPL team owners Gurunath and Kundra. This number of days gave the Mumbai police a very vital clue. This led them to the judges’ house. There they could see a huge number of laborers using rubbers to erase.

One of the erasers used by BCCI to erase all stains of corruption from its members.

The police caught hold of one laborer as he was leaving the premises after a hard day’s work. The laborer said from morning till evening he and several hundred like him were asked to erase sheets of paper. The whole operation has been given the code name “Clean Chit”. The laborer believed that the judges are on verge of a break through innovation – “cleanest paper” ever produced.

They said N. Srinivasan is the quality inspector who comes everyday and checks the paper. And it he is never satisfied with the quality and always asks for more labors and more rubbers. The rubbers are sourced from wherever they are available. The labors were given incentives to steal and bring rubbers from their kids. They were paid Rs. 100 for each rubber piece they got. This news has spread locally and parents have started stealing rubbers and are selling it to these labors at Rs. 50 per piece.

It seems the first release of the “Clean Chit” has happened couple of days back. But as per the latest reports, Mumbai High court is not too happy with the quality of “Clean Chit”. They have accused the judges who produced this for wasting so much rubber and putting our education system in disarray.

Our Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh opened his mouth as he could not bear the plight of his grandson unable to correct the mistakes using rubber. He felt so deeply sorry for him and he opened his mouth. But he did not say anything. But he did open his mouth and that itself made the educators so happy and they are claiming that even PM has opened his mouth to support this cause.

But the leader of the opposition party has said that Mr. Manmohan Singh had merely yawned and that has been misinterpreted as he had opened his mouth to support this cause. Unfortunately Mr. Manmohan singh cannot say anything to clarify this confusion.

But the big question is will our education system be same ever again? Can we make up for the emotional loss of these kids who could not correct their mistakes because of unavailability of rubber?