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English players urge Ishant to ignore Dhoni

24, Jul 2014 By dhumchick

Undeterred by the all round criticism of their performance, England Cricket team has decided to verbally attack the Indian team although in an indirect  manner. It’s a well known fact now that Dhoni asked Ishant Sharma to bowl bouncers which led to England’s downfall. So that’s what they are up against.

Getting mad at Dhoni
Getting mad at Dhoni

“Indian team has got a cultural problem. In their country they give too much respect to authority and seniority but that’s not right. Dhoni has no business telling Ishant how to bowl. He is a mature bowler and can very well decide which line and length to bowl. He needs to assert himself more and ignore Dhoni completely,” was the unsought advice offered by Alastair Cook – the captain.

“Today it’s Ishant, tomorrow it could be Bhuvi or Jadeja. Whatever happened to the ideal of individual liberty? You must remember that even though Ishant is 7 years younger than Dhoni, he is 8 inches taller than him. That is the proof that Ishant is inherently more capable than him. He just needs to find his inner voice and listen to it. If that voice asks him to bowl full – he should bowl full – no matter what the outer voices say,” blasted a livid Peter Moores – the English Coach.

“If they keep talking like this during the match, I am afraid I might have to lodge a complaint against them. I mean what’s the point of so much chit chat during the match. It’s even worse than sledging. You decide a game plan before the match starts and you stick to it. You can’t change it midway. It’s a gentlemen’s game after all, ” was the last reaction we could get from a clearly distraught James Anderson.