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England relaxes Visa norms for Sikhs, encourages FDI in Cricket.

24, Sep 2012 By bwoyblunder

London, UK. In a shocking move England has decided to throw open its country to only a particular community, namely the Sikhs, from India. This is in stark contrast to the general feeling among developed nations like USA who do not encourage immigrants into their country.

Yuvi Bhajji
Bhajji being congratulated by Yuvi

The main reason cited by England is that in the recent past, The only Cricket players who have played crucial roles in defeating England in matches have been Sikhs. Stuart Broad is reportedly still undergoing therapy to overcome the trauma meted out to him by the 36-Run-Over by Yuvraj Singh. What triggered this Visa regulations change was the hiding they received from India on 23/09/2012, mainly caused by Harbhajan Singh’s 4 wicket haul.

The rationale here seems to be, since England has no way to prevent this Sikh assault in Cricket matches, they would rather invite them to settle down in England, so that they eventually start playing for the English Team, rather than play for the opposition. While the younger lot will train and play for England, their parents etc will be useful addition to England’s taxi Driving force and Seven-Eleven outlets.

PM Manmohan Singh has given a nod of approval to this scheme. He will probably consider retiring in England now, since if he stays in India post his tenure, the Lokpal may make his life hell. Congress Spokesperson Manish Tiwari has termed this change in Policy “a step in the right direction”. He says this is in line with India’s Policy change of allowing FDI in retail.